Process Development

Plants designed by Subitec may appear completely different depending on their specific objective. Hereby, the layout is dictated e.g. by the alga used and the predominant objective. This may be the utilization of algal biomass for energetic or substantial purposes or the optimization of the carbon footprint of new or persisting industrial plants. Subitec possesses the knowledge and competence to design and implement processes necessary for the operation of plants the like.


The efficient and economical utilization of algal biomass is on its way to exploit its full potential on a grand scale. The technology is of great interest even for many companies and industries not thinking about it for the time being or so far lacking the connection to biotechnology in general. Coherently Subitec offers the development of fundamental concepts and the conduction of feasibility studies of any dimension - so that your company takes part in the bright future of microalgal biotechnology.