Added Value

Joint algae cultivation of partnering corporations.

For a power plant operator may the high CO2 demand of algae cultivation be of interest. But what to do with the biomass? A pharmaceutical company is in need of a specific valuable substance. But what to do with the residuals? A fish feed manufacturer is in need of protein rich feed for an affordable rate. The key for especially efficient usage of algae cultivation lies often enough in cooperation of several companies of various industries in common projects.

Thereby the algal biomass cultivated for CO2 sequestration is supplied to the pharmaceutical company for extraction of valuable compounds. The residual algal biomass (ca. 95 %) can be processed to protein rich feed or can directly be used energetically. For economic and ecological meaningful utilization of algae an exhaustive exploitation is vital.

Subitec is active in various business areas and therefore can find solutions for specific requirements and connect relevant companies as partners. This support provides enormous economical synergies within a corporation and among corporations.