Microalgae in cosmetics - a sustainable and active ingredient

The applications of microalgae in cosmetic products have recently gained more attention in the treatment of skin problems such as aging, tanning and pigment disorders.

Microalgae in cosmetics

  • promote blood circulation
  • provide the skin with moisture
  • activate the cell renewal and the metabolism
  • increase the skin's resistance
  • have an anti-inflammatory effect 
  • drain the tissues

These extensive properties are used in skin care products.

Subitec has developed a closed, fully automatic cultivation system for the cultivation of microalgae to ensure safe and stable on-site production of microalgae as an igredient for cosmetics.

Cosmetic active ingredients from the snow algae

For the in-house production of the snow algae (Coenochloris signiensis*), as a cosmetic ingredient, Subitec planed and delivered a specially designed FPA system for the cultivation of the carotenoid-rich snow algae in a two-phase process.
In this manner, the axenic and single-use processing in closed FPA-systems combined with novel sensor technology led to a new high value biotechnological product: The anti-aging "Snow Algae Powder" was successfully introduced to the market in 2014. 

* The effectiveness of snow algae extract: In cell culture assays, the extract reduced the loss in collagen expression in aged fibroblasts and counteracted the increase in matrix metalloproteinases in senescent fibroblasts. In clinical studies, the algae powder was shown to improve the papillary structure of the dermal epidermal junction, significantly enhanced skin hydration and smoothed crow's feet wrinkles.