Subitec Photobioreactor Application


Markets and areas of application

Microalgae are multitalents.
They serve as dietary supplement for humans, but most importantly it is an indispensable feed source in aquacultures and therefore serves the nourishment of mankind in the future. Given the possibility of cultivation on dour land cultivation of microalgae is in no competition with food production.

Furthermore, Microalgae's valuable contents like fine chemicals for example may be used as ingredients for cosmetic products and other products. Clean energy can be produced from algae biomass such as biodiesel. Last but not least microalgae bind five to ten times more CO2 than conventional terrestrial plants and therewith contribute essentially to the unloading and protection of the atmosphere. About 50 % of the today's atmosphere's oxygen is produced by the algae of the oceans.

This clean product, that thanks to the Subitec FPA cultivation technology, finds application in:

- Nutritional supplements
- Food and Feed
- Aquaculture
- Cosmetics
- Energy

Nutritional supplements

The valuable ingredients of Microalgae serve as a source for dietry supplements and bear a great potential for the nutrition of mankind in the future.


Microalgae contain valuable compounds and fine chemicals for the application in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and many other fields.

Food & Feed

Algae are a good source for protein, fatty acids and antioxidants in food and feed. Microalgae serve as an indispensable feed source in aquacultures and therefore preserve the marine fish resources.