Applications Nutraceuticals

Nutritional supplements

Microalgae-based products with the closed FPA cultivation technology

The demand on human and animal health care items increases rapidly, the main challenge for producers is to deal with steadily growing demand.
The market players are challenged to serve the increasing demand while keeping the prices affordable and dealing with production issues like contamination and productivity of raw materials.

To provide improved quality and stable production quantity Subitec has developed fully automated production systems from small, pilot scale production to large industrial production. The Subitec technology is applied in industrial scale with characteristic microalgae used for nutrients and feeds and has shown excellent performance in productivity and culture density. Industrial standards for cleaning in place and sterilization in place are part of the Subitec automatization and control system.

Advantages of on-site microalgae production

Biotechnological and chemical advantages

  • Production with continuous and reliable quality ensures compliance with the food and feed industry standards
  • Increased average biomass concentration with cell densities up to 2 bill. cells/ml (e.g. Nannochloropsis)
  • higher biosecurity due to cultivation in closed systems
  • Higher nutritional and composition value of microalgae molecules than corresponding synthetic and natural alternative

Operational advantages

  • Simple handling of the partial or fully automated PBR systems and therefore low costs for labor
  • Higher productivity due to large surface-to-volume ratio improving light supply to cells
  • Improved process control of important variables (temperature, pH, CO2, growth medium etc.)
  • PBRs are scalable and modular according to customer requirements and space saving compared with open ponds or tubular reactors