Subitec Applications


Advancing symbiosis of R&D and Industry

The symbiosis between microalgae based research and the production industry drives the development of the microalgal biotechnology. Over the last decade, innovative research and development has been conducted in the area of algae cultivation technology to develop more sustainable production methods that enable higher efficiency at lower costs. New methods and processes developed and improved by academia and research institutes are crucial to the development of the industry, as commercial producers can apply and capitalize new findings and bring new and innovative products to market.

We at Subitec have also invested in and conduct extensive R&D in our laboratories in Stuttgart and have developed an easy to use and effective laboratory photobioreactor for microalgae cultivation.

The straight forward process monitoring and control combined with easy operation and maintenance of the equipment make the Subitec photobioreactor an excellent choice for research, development and starter culture production.

R&D Services

Experiments and
process optimazation

Subitec laboratories

Cultivation of pre-culture and inoculum

Subitec Laboratory PBRs

Available with 6, 28, 112 and 180 liter reactors.

Application for the laboratory PBRs:

  • R&D experiments
  • Establishment and optimization of process parameters
  • Cultivation of pre-cultures
  • Cultivation of inoculum for the next process stage in a scale-up cultivation process
  • As part of the inoculation chain in a production process