Engineering and Design

Production facilities designed and engineered by Subitec are not "off the rack". With the Subitec engineering knowhow and expertise in microalge cultivation we design every production facility in close communication with our customer. Above all considerations for the facility design stays the customer objective, hence the use of the algal biomass. The Subitec engineering team focusses on the realization of the highest productivity at the most economical operation and effective utilization of local conditions and requirements.

Conception and Feasibility

The efficient and economical utilization of algal biomass is on its way to exploit its full potential on a grand scale. The technology is of great interest even for many companies and industries with no links to biotechnology yet or just an idea of stepping into this growin field of sustainable biotechnology. For the support of ideas and realization thereof the Subitec engineering team offers its experience and knowhow by compiling of customized concept studies. The scope of the study varies according to the customer's requierement, ranging from fundamental consideration and discussion of possible concepts to consideration and evaluation of existing conditions and providing initial calculations regarding operational data.

Process Development

The Subitec R & D facility with more than 25 FPA photobioreactors of all volumes in permanent operation the Subitec laboratory team offers its expertise for customized manufacturing of small to mid-size microalgae biomass. Process development and process optimization is key competence of the Subitec laboratory team and this competence is made available to our customers for contract research and preliminary experiments for early stage projects.