Subitec’s patented bioreactor technology for the efficient production of algal biomass.

The worldwide patented Flat Panel Airlift (FPA) photobioreactor represents the basis for the industrial exploitation of microalgal biomass and their substances. Using the sun as source of energy and flue gases as the source of CO2 high biomass concentrations may be reached at high productivity. Resources such as water and nutrients are conserved. Therewith, prerequisites for an outdoor commercial mass production of microalgae are met.

Due to the minor risk of contamination, reasonable manufacturing costs, high volumetric productivity and low energy input microalgae production becomes viable in Central European regions.

Algal biomass may be used for the extraction of high valuable products for the chemical and cosmetics industry as well as for food supplements and feed. Moreover does the FPA photobioreactor allow for the production of algal biomass with net-energy-yield – the fundamental prerequisite for the energetic exploitation of the biomass as biodiesel, bioethanol or biogas.

Advantages of Subitec's photobioreactor:

  • Good scalability by modularity.
  • Application in green houses and on non-arable land.
  • Optimized algal growth for maximum productivity.
  • Low operational expenditures due to airlift principle.
  • Low capital expenditures due to deep-drawn plastic half-shells.
  • Net energy yield possible: algal biomass contains more energy than spend for its cultivation.
  • Multi-annual reliability approved in pilot facilities.