Components and additional Options

A Selection of components and optional features

All components of the FPA manual and FPA semi-automatic units are fitted on the mounting frame enclosed and protected inside the paneling of the unit.


The FPA6L reactor system is made of PVC, a portable gassing membrane assembly, a water bath and a self-supporting mounting frame. The reactor is partially immersed in the water bath that is filled with water. The water bath contains a circulation pump, heater and cooling coils, which are used for the heating and cooling of the reactor.

Option: Reactor Material
Subitec offers the selection of different reactor materials. The PVC Photobioreactor can be replaced by FPA Photobioreactor made of PMMA (polymethylmethacrylat) for higher heat resistance or by FPA Photobioreactor made of PETg (polyehtylene terephthalate-glycolate) for higher UV stability.

Lighting System

The standard setup of the FPA systems include LED lighting units offering excellent benefits in requiring less energy and allowing more spectral flexibility and possibility for linear adjustment of light intensity. The Subitec LED lighting unit is installed on a light bar. The light bar is installed on the mounting frame of the reactor and is an integral part of the FPA equipment assembly.

Option: HPS Lighting Unit
A high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamp unit as light source, replacing the LED lighting unit. The light power, thus intensity, can be adjusted on four different preset levels. The lamp unit is installed on one side of the FPA Photobioreactor and requires an additional space of 0.8m x 0.6m on the work bench.

Media Feed

Nutrition is supplied to the cell culture within the reactor as a liquid solution consisting of water and nutritional components, salts etc. The FPA units are equipped with a media feed line. The media feed line is connected at the bottom of the FPA Photobioreactor and includes a sterile media filter. The media feed line includes an easy connection with quick coupling for media supply via, e.g. media tank. Media is fed inside the reactor by means of a pump.

Option: Media Cart
Subitec offers a media cart, used for media preparation and transportation to the FPA Photobioreactor. The wheeled cart consists of a media tank with an integrated electrically operated stirrer. Media carts are useful when the media preparation is done at a separate location and when applying the same media for several reactors. It is also recommended to use separate media carts for different media compositions e.g. salt water and fresh water media.

Option: Media Pump
For supply of media to the FPA Photobioreactor a peristaltic pump is recommended. This is offered as a media pump by Subitec. The pump can be set on a table or, alternatively the pump can be fitted on a mounting table that is included on the media cart. The same pump can be used to feed several reactors and media carts whereby it is recommended to use separate hoses for different media.

Temperature control

The FPA units are equipped with a cooling system to cool the reactor during cultivation and compensate e.g. for the heat radiation from the lighting system. The reactor is fitted with a temperature probe for measuring the temperature of the culture inside the reactor. The temperature of the culture is controlled by cooling the water inside the water bath. Cooling is effected by supplying cold water e.g. tap water to a cooling coil inside the water bath. A circulation pump fitted inside the water bath ensures efficient heat transfer between the bath water, the cooling coil and the reactor.

Option: Integrated Cooling System
If there is no cooling water available or to the use of tap water is limited, the system can be supplied with an external closed loop cooling system. Hereby cooling water is generated by circulating the water through a refrigerant cooled heat exchanger and then supplied to the cooling water circuit of the reactor system.


The FPA6L is harvested through the inoculation line of the Photobioreactor. The inoculation line includes a harvesting port that is fitted with a sterile coupling that allows manual harvesting of the microalgae biomass without compromising process integrity.

Option: Turbidity Sensor
Subitec offers installation of a non-invasive optical density for measurement of the culture density. This allows for online measurement and data collection of the culture growth. The included transmitter is connected to the touch panel of the FPA6L – semi-automatic for data display.