Company Milestones

Subitec´s history – a fascinating story.


Subitec offers automated laboratory systems for research centers and industrial laboratories based on standard products.



Subitec develops a plant for an anti-aging product gained from a snow algae for a customer from the cosmetic industry based on a specially designed FPA system for the cultivation of the carotenoid-rich snow algae in a two-phase process.


Subitec installed a industrial scale production plant for Astaxanthin in 2015 for a European customer. Single FPA reactors are combined into modules, which are assembled to an plant with an area size of 1 acre.


Several pilot and scale-up plants were planed, coordinated  and installed for renowned customers since the operational business has been comenced.  Here named as an example is the in- and outdoor scale-up plant in Leuna/Germany with a total volume of 12 000 liter built in 2014.


Subitec moves into new premises in Stuttgart-Degerloch. On a laboratory and office area of more than 700 m² a great number of 6 L laboratory FPA-reactors and a total number of 8 28 L FPA-reactors may be operated. Furthermore, analytics are established in order to promote own R&D efforts or customer specific process development.


Two further pilot plants begin their operation. Both are mounted in greenhouses and allow for yearlong operation. On behalf of GMB GmbH/Vattenfall one plant is constructed in Senftenberg, Germany and in behalf of FairEnergie GmbH one plant is constructed in Reutlingen, Germany.


Start of operation of two pilot plants in behalf of two renowned power suppliers. On behalf of EnBW a plant using flue gases from a biogas fired combined heat and power unit is constructed in Eutingen-Weitingen. On behalf of E.ON a plant using flue gases from a natural gas fired combined heat and power unit is constructed in Hamburg Reitbrook. Furthermore, the third generation photobioreactor with an increased effective volume of 180 L was developed.

2000 – 2006

In close cooperation with IGB Subitec processes different algae strains and refines the FPA-photobioreactor technology in the first years past foundation. Hereby, the focus was put on the production of astaxanthin and the omega-3-fatty acid EPA.


Subitec GmbH is founded as spin-off of the IGB on September 27th 2000. Hereby, initiative was taken by Prof. Dr. Walter Trösch and Prof. Dr. Herwig Brunner as well as other scientists of the IGB.