Mankind faces enormous challenges, which have to be solved.


The global population is increasing in much faster degree than the available food sources. Due to soil erosion former farmland is lost and the oceans are overfished. Mankind is in urgent need of affordable and ecological justifiable food sources. Algae are a good protein source for food and feed.

+ 200,000

Worldwide population growth per day.

- 20,000

Worldwide decrease of farmland in hectares per day .


Worldwide draught per day in tons: the oceans are overfished.


Energy demand of mankind is growing constantly. At the same time fossil energy sources are decreasing and sooner than later have to be replaced by sustainable energy sources. Here algae can play a role in two respects: utilization for ecological production of biofuel and concurrently reduction of anthropogenic caused CO2-emission.


Worldwide utilization of primary energy in megawatt hours per day.


Worldwide growth of energy consumption in percent per year: exponentially ascending.


Worldwide share of sustainable energy in percent.


The global carbon circulation is in an unsteady condition. On the one side billions of tons of CO2 are released through combustion of fossil energy sources and on the other side forest ground is reduced dramatically. As of right now the majority of oxygen on earth is already produced by algae.

+ 93,000,000

Worldwide atmospheric CO2-surplus in tons per day.

- 66,000

Worldwide deforestation of tropical rain forest in hectares per day.


Amount of total atmospheric oxygen produced by algae in percent.


Reduced availability of sweet water is a growing problem. Algae can be cultivated in brackish water or sea water. The depletability of fertilizer components like phosphor requires a diligent usage of such. This is given only in closed circulations. The worldwide depleting farmland is too valuable for cultivation of biomass for energy production on the remaining land critical. These have to be used for food production. Therefore the production of herbal energy sources on fallow has to be ensured. Here microalgae biotechnology provides a huge potential. Hence many resources are finitely and therefore force us to develop sustainable methods.


Consumption of sweet water for the production of one kilogram of conventional biomass (e.g. rice) in liter.


Worldwide output of phosphor (fertilizer base) in tons per day: bearish tendency.

- 20,000

Worldwide loss of conventionally used agricultural land in hectares per year.