13.09.2017 Subitec Newsletter

Subitec is one of the hosts of this year 's National Algae Meeting in Germany. More about this and other activities of Subitec to be read in our current newsletter.


16.08.2017 Microalgae Booklet

An informative abstract with essential facts about microalgae and their economic use as well as their contribution to solve some of the challanges mankind will be faced with.

Subitec Microalgae Booklet

24.07.2017 Subitecs interview with the "Dechema"

Peter Ripplinger, CEO at Subitec GmbH, was interviewed by the German Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology on the developments in the algae industry.

Link to the interview in German

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14.07.2017 Subitec Short Info

A brief summary of our technology and fields of activity will provide a clear picture of what Subitec is working on and what we strive for.

Subitec Short Info

06.07.2017 Subitec systems: complete solutions for the algae industry

Subitec systems are available in different sizes and for various purposes – always customized to user requirements.
Subitec is determined to make the advantages of microalgae biotechnology available to the industry and to research institutes worldwide. The modular reactor system with different automation levels allows excellent scalability and delivers solutions for the cultivation of microalgae from laboratory to industrial scale.

Handout "Complete Solutions"

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22.06.2017 Subitec Newsletter

In this issue of our Newsletter you can find out on which events we attend, the projects we are working on and the latest developments at Subitec.


30.05.2017 Astaxanthin production plant in Czech Republic

Subitec designed, planned and installed the industrial production plant for Algamo s.r.o., a producer of Astaxanthin.
The indoor facility incorporates Subitec FPA180L production reactors combined to lines and modules with a total production volume of 130 000 liters.



30.05.2017 Subitec's technology at CEA Cadarache in France

In a documentary film about the French technological research company CEA Cadarache, Subitec's 4x28 Liter FPA photobioreactors are shown in action from Minute 02:40 on.



26.04.2017 Subitec FPA 6 Liter Automatic Cultivation System

Subitec is determined to find customized solutions for user requirements to make the advantages of microalgae biotechnology available to the industry and research institutes worldwide. The necessity for a flexible cultivation process for laboratories leads us to the development of a fully automatic FPA-reactor. Here we offer our customers a cultivation equipment e.g. to have safe starter cultures with reproducible results or to cultivate over days with being independent from harvesting and feeding the cultures.

Handout FPA6L Automatic

30.03.2017 Cosmetic active ingredients from snow algae

The Swiss company Mibelle Group Biochemistry develops unique, high-quality active ingredients for the cosmetics industry. These are based on natural compounds and extensive scientific know-how. In cooperation with Mibelle Subitec developed a special FPA reactor system for the cultivation of carotenoid-rich snow algae in a two-phase process.

"Snow Algae Powder" from microalgae