29.04.2019 Microalgae and photobioreactor fly to the ISS

The further people travel into space, the more important it becomes to assure the supply of food, water and oxygen independently of supply flights.

On the International Space Station (ISS), the experiment "PBR@LSR" will demonstrate over 180 days whether microalgae are suitable as a biological component for hybrid life-support-systems (LSS) in future long-term missions in order to reduce the need for supply bulks. This is expected to happen by recycling CO2 to potentially edible algal biomass, releasing O2 through photosynthesis. Likewise, the influence of the space environment on the microalgae will be investigated. For the first time, PBR@LSR demonstrates a hybrid LSS in space by coupling the photobioreactor with the physicochemical LSR. At the Institute of Space Systems (University of Stuttgart), in collaboration with Subitec GmbH, Chlorella vulgaris cultures were scaled-up for their application in space and prepared for the trip to the ISS. The rocket launch is planned soon.

The experiment PBR@LSR was jointly initiated by the Space Agency in the German Aerospace Center (DLR) with funding from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and the Institute of Space Systems (IRS) at the University of Stuttgart, with Airbus Defence and Space as main contractor for the aircraft hardware.

Picture: Harald Helisch (IRS) harvesting C. vulgaris at Subitec GmbH; Credit:Institute of Space Systems (IRS) - University of Stuttgart

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23.04.2018 Subitec’s photobioreactor technology now also in Tokyo, Japan

In March 2018, Subitec GmbH shipped a turnkey-ready FPA28L4 to Soka University located in Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan. Assembled in a greenhouse on the rooftop by the university staff with remote assistance of Subitec's engineers, the partially automated system can now host around 100 L of microalgal suspension. The reactors were purchased and will now be operated as part of the "Plankton Eco-Engineering for Environmental and Economic Transformation (PLANE3T)" project supported by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Japan.

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06.07.2017 Subitec systems: complete solutions for the algae industry

Subitec systems are available in different sizes and for various purposes – always customized to user requirements.
Subitec is determined to make the advantages of microalgae biotechnology available to the industry and to research institutes worldwide. The modular reactor system with different automation levels allows excellent scalability and delivers solutions for the cultivation of microalgae from laboratory to industrial scale.

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30.05.2017 Astaxanthin production plant in Czech Republic

Subitec designed, planned and installed the industrial production plant for Algamo s.r.o., a producer of Astaxanthin.
The indoor facility incorporates Subitec FPA180L production reactors combined to lines and modules with a total production volume of 130 000 liters.



30.05.2017 Subitec's technology at CEA Cadarache in France

In a documentary film about the French technological research company CEA Cadarache, Subitec's 4x28 Liter FPA photobioreactors are shown in action from Minute 02:40 on.



26.04.2017 Subitec FPA 6 Liter Automatic Cultivation System

Subitec is determined to find customized solutions for user requirements to make the advantages of microalgae biotechnology available to the industry and research institutes worldwide. The necessity for a flexible cultivation process for laboratories leads us to the development of a fully automatic FPA-reactor. Here we offer our customers a cultivation equipment e.g. to have safe starter cultures with reproducible results or to cultivate over days with being independent from harvesting and feeding the cultures.

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30.03.2017 Cosmetic active ingredients from snow algae

The Swiss company Mibelle Group Biochemistry develops unique, high-quality active ingredients for the cosmetics industry. These are based on natural compounds and extensive scientific know-how. In cooperation with Mibelle Subitec developed a special FPA reactor system for the cultivation of carotenoid-rich snow algae in a two-phase process.

"Snow Algae Powder" from microalgae

30.03.2017 Microalgae in space

The European Space Agency (ESA) in Cologne is developing life support systems for astronauts for extended travel in space, e.g. for missions to Mars or for the construction of a moon habitat. For this purpose, compact closed ecosystems have to be created in order to avoid the continuous supply of materials from earth.


How microalgae could help realizing long-term missions in space.

05.10.2016 Subitec's Product Flyer "Laboratory"

Are you interested in Subitec's FPA reactors for the cultivation of microalgae in the laboratory? Our product flyer contains information on application and dimensions of Subitec's various laboratory reactors.

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13.09.2016 Subitec's technology at the University of Arizona/USA

Subitec's flat-panel airlift photobioreactors (FPA-PBRs) for the efficient cultivation of phototrophic microorganisms are now in action in the US. End of August, Subitec GmbH put a pilot plant consisting of 4 laboratory reactors, each with 28 liters in culture volume, into place in the desert of Arizona. At the Polytechnic campus of the largest university in the US, the Arizona State University (ASU), the technology is used by renowned scientists on the grounds of the Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation for research and development purposes.

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