22.01.2019 White Paper on Biofilm Formation and Cleaning

The ongoing interest in our first two white papers has motivated us to provide further insights into our R&D activities and findings.

The third issue now deals with biofilm formation in photobioreactors and their removal.

White Paper: Biofilm Formation and Cleaning

04.10.2018 ABACUS Newsletter #1 available

The ABACUS research project, aiming at the production of algal terpenes for fragrances to long-chain terpenoids (carotenoids) used as nutraceuticals and cosmetic actives, published its first newsletter which is now also available here.

ABACUS BBI Newsletter Issue#1

11.12.2017 Culture of Spirogyra sp. in a flat-panel airlift photobioreactor

Not always it needs to to be rocket science. Here is our latest publication on the cultivation of a fairly underestimated green alga in our flat-panel system, showcasing the feasibiliy of cultivating filamentous organsisms in distinctively well mixed PBRs. Available online since today.

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07.12.2017 Subitec joins as an SME the EU research project ABACUS

The ABACUS research project (Algae for a Biomass Applied to the produCtion of added valUe compoundS) aims at a business-oriented and technology-driven development of a new algal biorefinery, thereby bringing to the market innovative algae-based ingredients for high-end applications, spanning from algal terpenes for fragrances to long-chain terpenoids (carotenoids) used as nutraceuticals and cosmetic actives.Subitec's function in this EU research project - which involves eight other partners from industry, SME and research - is on one hand to scale the microalgae biomass from a small laboratory scale to pilot testing in the field and on the other to develop and optimize the process for the microalgae cultivation in photobioreactors.

Homepage ABACUS


15.09.2017 Subitec Whitepaper On Artificial Lighting

The excellent feedback we received for our first Whitepaper on PBR operating strategies, shows that there is a lot of interrest for further information sharing about our R&D insights and activies. 

This second short-comminication deals with the artificial lighting of high-density Flat Panel Airlift Photobioreactors and will hopefully continue the exchange of experiences in R&D.

Subitec White Paper: Artificial Lighting of High-Density FPAs

03.07.2017 Subitec poster at the ISAP 2017 event in Nantes

Poster title " Process engineering towards enhanced CO2 utilization efficiency of flat-panel airlift photobioreactors (FPA-PBRs) by means of dissociated injection"

Subitec Poster at the ISAP 2017 in Nantes

20.06.2017 Poster presentation at the event Algae Biomass Biofuels and Bioproducts

With the title "Operating strategy to reduce the energy input of a flat-panel airlift photobioreactor with intrinsic static mixers" Subitec presented this poster in addition to plenary sessions.

Subitec Poster at the ABBB 2017 in Miami

04.05.2017 Subitec FPA 6 Liter Automatic Cultivation System

Subitec is determined to find customized solutions for user requirements to make the advantages of microalgae biotechnology available to the industry and research institutes worldwide. The necessity for a flexible cultivation process for laboratories leads us to the development of a fully automatic FPA-reactor. Here we offer our customers a cultivation equipment e.g. to have safe starter cultures with reproducible results or to cultivate over days with being independent from harvesting and feeding the cultures.

Handout FPA6L automatic

16.03.2017 Subitec Whitepaper On Operating Strategies

This short communication on operating strategies is the first that Subitec puts out in this format to share findings and give an opportunity to dive deeper into our R&D activities and gain insights and ideas.

There will be more similar communications in the future for different topics to drive more progress in microalgae R&D.

Subitec White Paper: Strategies To Reduce Light-Specific Energy Input

20.02.2017 The algae cooperative

On the basis of existing relationships between the Institute for Food and Environmental Research (ILU) and Subitec GmbH, the cooperation will be deepened and further developed.

The Algae Cooperative Report