05.10.2017 ABO Algae Biomass Summit 2017

29.10.-01.11.2017 ABO Algae Biomass Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah/USA

The 11th annual Algae Biomass Summit will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, October 29-November 1, 2017. The Summit is the algae industry's premier event, where leading producers of algae products go to network with industry suppliers and technology providers, where project developers converse with utility executives, and where researchers and technology developers rub elbows with venture capitalists.

Once again Subitec will be participating at the ABO Summit with a own booth (#410) and a presentation on Tuesday in the session 3: "Thinking Outside the Ponds: Advancements in Photobioreactors"

More information about the ABO Summit 2017 and the agenda as download

12.09.2017 International CeBiTec Conference

24.-27.09.2017 International CeBiTec Conference in Bielefeld, Germany

The 7th International CeBiTec Research Conference Bielefeld aims to give a complete overview of the challenges facing the exploitation of microalgae and cyanobacteria for industrial biotechnology, from biofuels to high value proteins and chemicals. Distinguished invited speakers from academia and industry will present current prospects and furthermore, short talks selected from the submitted abstracts will complete the oral presentation section of the conference.

Subitec will be on site presenting its latest developments and technology to the specialist audience with its info booth.

More information and the program as download

04.08.2017 Subitec hosts the 10th national algae meeting

11.-12.09.2017 National Algae Meeting in Merseburg, Germany

Together with the Fraunhofer CBP from Leuna and the Dechema (Society for Chemical Technology and Biotechnology), Subitec is pleased to present this year's National Algae Meeting in Merseburg/Germany . This regulars' table is the most important meeting of the German-speaking algae scene .

The main focus of this year 's event is on:

  • Reactor technology: measurement and control technology for automation and standardization
  • Light effects on algae production
  • Modeling of physiological interactions for process optimization
  • Practical examples for the economic production of valuable substances from microalgae

Subitec will participate at this two-day event with a demo reactor and two lectures. Subitec also presents the visitors of the algae table their planned and built indoor and outdoor scaling system in Leuna.

02.05.2017 6th Congress Of The Intern. Society For Applied Phycology

18.-23.06.2017 ISAP in Nantes, France

After Almería-Spain in 2002, Kunming-China in 2005, Galway - Ireland in 2008, Halifax–Canada in 2011 and Sydney-Australia in 2014, this years congress in Nantes from 18th to 23rd 2017 will be organized by a scientific team from France. Western France is a European hotspot for the transfer and industrial development of marine biotechnology.

Previous ISAP Congresses have seen the role of applied algal biotechnology and its potential developed in a commercial, remedial or regulatory context. In 2014, the theme of ISAP was chosen to reflect on the actual successes of algae applications as they already represent a sustainable and relevant field of biotechnology. In 2017 the scope of the 6th edition of ISAP congress is to appreciate the huge phycological biodiversity and the various biotechnological applications through the prism of a new and promising industrial sector in full development.

Subitec will be represented with three presentations and a scientific poster at this congress. We are also happy to welcome visitors at our booth (Mezzanine 7). We look forward to seeing you there.

More information about ISAP 2017 and the program as a download

01.05.2017 7th International Conference on Algal Biomass, Biofuels and Bioproducts

18 - 21 June, 2017 AlgalBBB in Miami, USA

The 7th International Conference on Algal Biomass, Biofuels and Bioproducts provides an exciting venue to learn about the latest unpublished technical and scientific results, along with discussion and direct interactions with strategic partners, funding sponsors, and leaders in the field. 

Subitec will be represented with two plenary presentations:

"Industry microalgae production - Narrowing the gap between R&D and reality with Subitec's flat-panel airlift photobioreactor"

"Impact of light quality on the growth kinetics of Chlorella sorokiniana in high-density photobioreactors" is part of the Oral program for The 7th International Conference on Algal Biomass, Biofuels and Bioproducts."

More information about AlgalBBB and the program as a download


20.02.2017 European Algae Industry Summit

26.-27.04.2017 European Algae Industry Summit in Nice, France

ACI's 7th Annual European Algae Industry Summit (formerly known as "European Algae Biomass Conference") will take place on 26th & 27th April 2017 in Nice, France. The event will once again bring together senior executives from industry and academia to discuss the latest commercial and technical developments, challenges and research breakthroughs throughout the entire algae value chain.

Once again, Subitec is one of the sponsors of this important event. Subitec is going to show its new fully automated 6L FPA stand.

The presentation "Conception and construction of industrial-scale PBR-cultivation systems for microalgae" on day 1 in session 2 completes Subitec's participation.

More information and the agenda

28.10.2016 Algae Europe 2016

13.-15.12.2016 Algae Europe in Madrid, Spain

The Algae Europe is one of the leading conferences in the field of micro-algae in Europe. From 13.-15.12.2016 international representatives of the algae community have the opportunity for interactive exchange and networking. Organized by the EABA, trends and latest technologies in the algae segment are presented in Madrid. Participants are given the opportunity to gain an comprehensive overview on the European Algae market.

Subitec is presenting its newest developments for the Flat Panel Airlift (FPA) Photobioreactor technology at the trade show.

The Subitec team is welcoming you to visit our booth. Arrange an appointment here.

Please visit Algae Europe for more information and download the conference program.

19.09.2016 ABO Algae Biomass Summit 2016

23.-26.10.2016 10th Algae Biomass Summit 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona

Produced by the Algae Biomass Organization, this event brings current and future producers of biobased products and energy together with algae crop growers, municipal leaders, technology providers, equipment manufacturers, project developers, investors and policy makers.

It's a true one-stop shop – the world's premier educational and networking junction for all algae industries.

The Algae Biomass Summit is the largest, fastest-growing algae event of its kind. This growth is powered by the current strength of the industry and the positive outlook for future algae producers.

Subitec will exhibit it's 28 Liter FPA at booth #4. Moreover, we are represented with a presentation on the third day in the second track "Cultivation Innovations".

Arrange an appointment here, if you are also on-site.

Homepage ABO and Summit Agenda

HTGF Family Day 2016

28.04.2016 HTGF Family Day 2016

31.05. – 01.06.2016 HTGF Family Day in Bonn, Germany

The Family Day (FD16) will bring together Germany's best founders and CEOs from more than 266 HTGF-portfolio companies, as well as VCs, business angels and investors from all over Europe.
As always, it is the perfect opportunity to explore technology trends driving high-growth and high-impact international businesses.

FD 16 is a two day event, with the first day reserved for HTGF portfolio entrepreneurs coming together for workshops, panel discussions and speeches of selected companies.

More on the HTGF Family Day

02.02.2016 European Algae Biomass Conference

20.-21.4.2016 European Algae Biomass Conference in Berlin, Germany

The 6th annual European Algae Biomass Conference will once again bring together senior executives from industry and academia to discuss the latest commercial and technical developments, challenges and research break-throughs throughout the entire algae value chain.

As one of the conference sponsors, Subitec will expose it's 28 Liter FPA exhibit and will be represented with a presentation on day 1, 20.04.2016, in Session 1: Cultivation System Productivity

More on European Algae Biomass Conference and the Agenda