Why microalgae?

Microalgae are multitalents. Clean energy can be produced from algae biomass in form of biodiesel. It can serve as dietary supplement for humans, but most importantly it is an indispensable feed source in aquacultures and therefore serves the nourishment of mankind in the future. Given the possibility of cultivation on dour land cultivation of microalgae is in no competition with food production.

Furthermore, Microalgae's valuable contents like fine chemicals for example may be used as ingredients for cosmetic products and other products. Last but not least microalgae bind five to ten times more CO2 than conventional terrestrial plants and therewith contribute essentially to the unloading and protection of the atmosphere. Circa 50 % of the today's atmosphere's oxygen is produced by the algae of the oceans.

Hence, algae biomass is a all around "clean" product that, thanks to Subitec´s technology, can be produced in a cost-effective manner to contribute solutions to the challenges mankind will be faced with.

Microalgae´s advantages versus other renewable resources

  • Five to tenfold higher surface area productivity
  • No competition to food production
  • Efficient utilization of microalgae ingredients (with Subitec´s enclosed system)
  • Utilization of CO2 directly from industrial processes
  • Five to ten times higher CO2 binding capacity
  • Lignocellulose-free biomass
  • Designable biomass
  • Net energy yield possible


Directly as nutrition supplement or as animal feed. Hereby, a great chance for the nutrition of human in the future lies in aquaculture.



With Subitec´s technology energy input for the cultivation of algal biomass is lower than the energy resulting in form of produced biofuels. A gigantic, ecological energy reserve.


Microalgae contain fine chemicals and valuable resources for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and many other fields.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of microalgae and get to know them and their potential. Subitec's ambition is to advance understanding of microalgae and to develop their potential as a sustainable raw material source with the Subitec FPA technology.