Outdoor Production Systems

Subitec‘s FPA reactors bring the algae to the light.

The culture suspension is kept in a constant eddy inside the specially designed static mixers of the FPA reactors. This means that the algae is continuously cycled from the illuminated side to the unilluminated side of the reactor which ensures that all algae receive light as they are constantly 'brought' to the light.

The mixing of the algae within the static mixers of the FPA reactor can be intensified by increasing the air flow to the reactor. Similarly the mixing can be decreased by lowering the airflow to the reactors.

This unique feature of the Subitec FPA Photobioreactors is especially relevant for outdoor cultivations where the lighting conditions vary based on time and weather. Particularly, during high light conditions increased mixing will increase productivity and during low light conditions mixing can be decreased to reduce energy consumption.


  • Long continuously running cultivation campaigns
  • Improved productivity by optimum light utilization
  • Efficient use of available land area by modular design
  • Expandable from a few reactors to several hectares
  • Proven technology for many different algae

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