Subitec Technology and Patents

Technology and Patents

Subitec’s patented bioreactor technology for the efficient production of algal biomass.

The patented Subitec Flat Panel Airlift (FPA) photobioreactor technology is the core of our service offering, including process development, equipment supply and the planning, engineering and delivery of turn-key production systems for microalgae.

The Subitec Flat Panel Airlift (FPA) photobioreactor was designed for cultivating microalgae and the production of microalgal biomass. Over the years, it has proven its performance in one and two-stage cultivation processes with various algae species, using both sunlight and artificial light as source of energy and industrial flue gases as the source of CO2.

High process integrity, automated process control, long cultivation campaigns, high biomass density and excellent productivity are key features of the Subitec FPA photobioreactor.

Subitec cultivation equipment and production systems are modular. (Dependent on the application and the required reactor volume) The photobioreactor system can consist of either a single reactor panel or multiple panels. Laboratory cultivation units are typically single reactor units. Scale-up units, pilot plants and production systems range from several reactor panels to hundreds of reactor panels. The FPA photobioreactor is available as 6, 28 and 180 liter panel.

The Subitec FPA reactor is an excellent choice for research, process development and commercial production. Process automation and integrated, automated cleaning and disinfection routines ensure consistent product quality and allow long cultivation campaigns and cultivating various algae species with the same system. The modular design allows easy scale-up and enables a step-by-step expansion of production capacity following the business growth.