Pilot Plants

A step before going commercial to uncover the unknown and the untested

While Subitec offers broad expertise in a variety of application for microalgae, piloting is a valuable exercise when developing new, untested products.

Piloting is testing and optimizing the production para-meters in a smaller scale that is representative of the full production scale. The more accurate the representation the lower the risk when going to commercial production scale.

With Subitec's modular design and the FPA technology we can not only provide an exact representation of the production scale but the pilot plant shall be used as an integral part of the production system. This means better capital efficiency as there is no waste of capital.

In addition to systems tailored to match the customer specific production scale system, Subitec offers 3 stand-ard pilot plant setups: Manual, semi-automatic and fully automated. The cultivation volume of these systems vary from 500 to 5000 Liters.


  • Exact representation of production scale
  • Flexible equipment setup and automation options
  • Proven technology for a multitude of different alga

1. Manual Version

This version is a manually operated pilot plant for
process adaptation of established cultivation processes.

2. Semi-Automatic Version

For process development and evaluation, Subitec offers the basic version of
a pilot plant operated semi-automatic.

3. Automatic Version

The fully automated version allows the detailed process development in view to an economical industrial production process.

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