Pilot and Production Plants

Plants for algal biomass.

The 180 L reactors may be scaled modularly to plants of almost any desired size. Subitec designs and builds turnkey ready pilot and production plants for diverse objectives and in any size.


  • Basic and Detailed Engineering
  • Indoor and outdoor facilities
  • Construction and commissioning of the plants
  • Coordination of the interfaces to upstream and downstream processes
  • Delivery of additional equipment, infrastructure and related processes
    (greenhouse, artificial lighting, CIP-processes, etc.)
  • Turnkey delivery of pilot and industrial-scale plants


  • Development, optimization and adaption of microalgal cultivationand product formation processes
  • Economic and technical studies (business model, CAPEX and OPEX data, etc.)
  • Contract research for specific technical issues
  • Customers staff training
  • R&D partner
  • Plant operation