FPA100L  Subitec laboratory Photobioreactors

100 Liter Laboratory System

Subitec laboratory FPA100L Photobioreactors for cultivation of microalgae

The Subitec FPA28L4 laboratory system is a combined system of four FPA28 photobioreactors, each with a culture volume of 25 liters arranged in a compact and robust frame. Each photobioreactor is equipped with a dimmable Subitec LED lighting unit. The process air supply to each photobioreactor is set using a rotameter. Each photobioreactor is equipped with an automatic pH control via a mass flow controller for the CO2 supply. The temperature of the culture suspension is automatically controlled via individual temperature control units per photobioreactor. All feed lines to the photobioreactor are equipped with sterile filters. The values for the automatic control of the temperature and the pH value are made on a touchscreen. Data is displayed and saved via the control unit.
The system is ideal for the extraction of medium-sized quantities of biomass and for the cultivation of up to four different types of microalgae

The four separate Subitec FPA photobioreactor units provide the flexibility to conduct multiple individual cultivations in parallel or comparative experiments.


  • Subitec FPA unit with 100 liter reactor volume
  • Scaleable with up to 4 reactors
  • Individual control for each reactor panel
  • Cultivation of up to 4 differnt microalgae species
  • Air lift system for completely intermixing of microalgae culture without shear stress
  • pH and temperature measurement and control
  • Integrated LED  lighting
  • Media filter, sterilizable
  • Automatic control system with data logging
  • Integrated operator interface touch panel


  • Media cart for convenient media preparation
  • Media pump
  • External recirculating cooler                                         


  • Feeding the scale-up chain
  • Comparative experiments and studies                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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