FPA100L  Subitec laboratory Photobioreactors

100 Liter Cultivation Units

Subitec laboratory FPA100L Photobioreactors for cultivation of microalgae

The Subitec FPA100L is a combined unit of four FPA28L photobioreactors arranged in a compact setting with an effective total volume of 112 liter. Each reactor includes all necessary componentry, piping, fitting and instruments for cultivation of microalgae under constant, reliable and reproductive conditions.

With the selection of four FPA28L photobioreactors a variety of optional configuration is possible. The unit can be used for cultivation of one microalgae for mid-scale biomass production or for cultivation of two or even four different microalgae species.
Three different automation levels - from manual operation to semi-automatic and fully automatic - and a selection of different optional features and peripheries, the FPA100L provides excellent flexibilty to customize the equipment.


  • Subitec FPA unit with 112 liter reactor volume
  • Scaleable with up to 4 reactors
  • Individual control for each reactor panel
  • Cultivation of up to 4 differnt microalgae species
  • Air lift system for completely intermixing of microalgae culture without shear stress
  • pH and temperature measurement and control
  • Online turbidity measurement
  • Selection of integrated LED or HPS lighting
  • Media filter, sterilizable
  • Automatic control system with data logging
  • Integrated operator interface touch panel or PC


  • Media cart for convenient media preparation
  • Media pump
  • External recirculating cooler                                         


  • Feeding the scale-up chain
  • Comparative experiments and studies                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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