Subitec FPA180L Photobioreactor for cultivation of microalgae

180 Liter Laboratory System

Subitec FPA180L Photobioreactors for cultivation of microalgae

The Subitec FPA180L  has an effective volume of 180 Liter and can be modularly scaled to production facilites of required capacity. The FPA180L reactors are predominantly used in outdoor, greenhouse and indoor facilities and also used as single units for scale-up experiments in laboratories. Even at very high light intensities they are capable of completely converting the available solar radiation into biomass – owing to the efficient mixing no inhibition arises from intense light.

Single FPA180L arranged in lines can be combined to modules, which are assembled to an industrial-scale production plant. Subitec designs and builds turnkey pilot and large-scale production plants for different objectives and with different automation levels based on individual customer demands.


  • Simulation of production conditions (also in laboratories)
  • Light path of 5 cm
  • Air lift system for completely intermixing of microalgae culture without shear stress
  • pH and temperature measurement and control
  • Online turbidity measurement
  • Selection of integrated LED or HPS lighting
  • Media filter, sterilizable
  • Automatic control system with data logging
  • Integrated operator interface touch panel or PC


  • Integrated media preparation unit
  • Integrated harvest tank
  • Integrated cleaning and desinfection system



  • Process optimazation in production scale
  • Production of smal quantities of biomass, e.g. 500g/week
  • Pre-culture reservoir for production scale

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