28 Liter Laboratory System

Subitec Photobioreactors for cultivation of microalgae

The Subitec FPA28L photobioreactor is designed for laboratory experiments with a volume of 25 liters, which includes all the necessary components, pipes, connections and instruments for cultivation under constant, reliable and reproducible conditions. The FPA28L is equipped with a dimmable Subitec LED lighting unit and a temperature control unit. The process air supply to the photobioreactor is set using a rotameter. The pH value is automatically regulated by the CO2 supply via a mass flow controller. All feed lines to the photobioreactor are equipped with sterile filters. The values for the automatic control of the temperature and the pH value are made on a touchscreen. Data is displayed and saved via the control unit.

  • Cultivation of inoculum for scale-up experiments
  • Biomass production for downstream applications
  • Inoculum backup for comparable experiments at 6 liter scale


  • Air lift system for completely intermixing of microalgae culture without shear stress
  • pH and temperature measurement and control
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Media filter, sterilizable
  • Automatic control system with data logging
  • Integrated operator interface touch panel


  •  Media cart for convenient media preparation
  •  Media pump
  •  External recirculating cooler           


  • Provision of inoculum for experiments
  • Scale-up experiments
  • Additional biomass for downstream trials                                        Request Quotation