Subitec Photobioreactors

6 Liter Cultivation Units

Subitec Photobioreactors for cultivation of microalgae

The Subitec FPA6L  is an integrated system for cultivating microalgae and consists of a 6 liter Flat Panel Airlift Photobioreactor that is housed in and includes all the necessary componentry, piping, fittings and instruments for cultivation under constant, reliable and reproductible conditions.

  • For scientific or idustrial research and development
  • Cultivation of pre-cultures and inoculum for the next process stage in a scale-up cultivation process
  • As part of the inoculation chain in a production process

Offered at three different automation levels - from manual operation to semi-automatic and fully automatic - and a selection of different optional features and peripheries, the FPA6L provides excellent flexibilty to customize the equipment. Handout automatic version.


  • Air lift system for completely intermixing of microalgae culture without shear stress
  • pH and temperature measurement and control
  • Online turbidity measurement
  • Selection of integrated LED or HPS lighting
  • Media filter, sterilizable
  • Automatic control system with data logging
  • Integrated operator interface touch panel or PC


  • Media cart for convenient media preparation
  • Media pump
  • External recirculating cooler


  • Cultivation studies for various microalgae
  • Process development and process optimization
  • Cultivation of inoculum in a scale-up chain                                        Request Quotation