Kopfbild Subitec Products


Subitec is specialized in design, construction and supply of microalgae cultivation systems

With know-how and experience in photobioreactor engi-neering and microalgae R&D for more than a decade now, Subitec supplies private companies, various research institutes and the production industry worldwide with sophisticated reactor technology.

Subitec Flat Panel Airlift (FPA) Photobioreactors are avaible with 6 liter, 28 liter and 100 liter liter cultiva-tion volumes. The key features are:

  • High productivity and culture density
  • Process integrity of laboratory cultivations, indoor and outdoor settings
  • Modular design and excellent scalability
  • Straight forward process monitoring and control
  • Easy operation and maintenance of the equipment

A selection of additional equipment and peripheries, e.g. an automatic control system and various levels of auto-mation, provide excellent flexibility to customize the equipment to numerous user applications.

/100 Liter FPA Units